A knight’s (tall) tale: why medieval traveller Sir John Mandeville was more popular than Marco Polo

His book, known as The Travels, inspired Christopher Columbus and every peculiar detail from far-off lands was widely believed for centuries. But was the medieval knight turned explorer actually a fraudulent fantasist or rampant plagiarist? Writer Giles Milton goes looking for the real Sir John Mandeville… HistoryExtra.com

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The Master of Edward IV

The British Library continues to acquire medieval manuscripts with important research potential to enhance the national collection. You may have seen that last year they announced the acquisition of the Lucas Psalter (Add MS 89428), a fascinating late medieval Psalter made in Bruges for an English patron, which contains the added arms of Thomas Houchon Lucas (1460-1539) of Suffolk, the secretary to Jasper Tudor, and Solicitor General under Henry VII. Now that the Library has reopened, they have digitised the manuscript which you can view in full on our Digitised Manuscripts site. BritishLibrary.uk

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A hymn from the Lucas Psalter with the arms of Thomas Houchon Lucas: Add MS 89428, f. 12r

6 myths about Richard III

Richard III (1452–85) was the last Yorkist king of England, whose death at the battle of Bosworth in 1485 signified the end of the Wars of the Roses and marked the start of the Tudor age. Many myths persist about the last Plantagenet king, whose remains were discovered beneath a Leicester car park in 2012. Did Richard III murder the Princes in the Tower? Did he want to marry his niece, Elizabeth of York? And was he a usurper? HistoryExtra.com

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Wells Cathedral Clock

This astronomical clock is the second oldest in England.

This clock was constructed during the early 14th century by a monk from Glastonbury named Peter Lightfoot. The clock was eventually relocated from Glastonbury Abbey to Wells Cathedral. Initially, there was only the face inside the church, but around 1400, a second face for the clock was installed outside the church. AtlasObscura.com

External face of the clock. LAMIAI

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Richard III’s family church at Fotheringhay ends £1.5m repairs

A historic church that has “worldwide interest” because of its links to Richard III has completed £1.5m worth of restoration work.

The Church of St Mary and All Saints, Fotheringhay, Northamptonshire had repairs to the roofs and stonework. bbc.com

The Church of St Mary and All Saints is in Fotheringhay, the birthplace of Richard III – Getty Images

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